Visual Productions' Public Api

Server Path

Public Paths

The following API endpoints are open to any requester, they are our public API.

Tags /api/tags

Downloads /api/download

Api Documentation

Get /
Return the API documentation

Server Status

GET /status/*
Used for checking the status of the server, if it is offline or not.

        "status": "ok"

Tags Get all

GET /api/tags/*
Returns all tags found in the CMS

        "name"     : "[tag name]"

Download Public Get by Tags

GET /api/download/info/:tags
Expected Parameters

    The :tags should be a stringified array of strings containing the tag names by which to filter; e.g. ["Manual","CueCore3"]


        "id"    : "[downloadId]",
        "title" : "[download title]",
        "date"  : "[download last modified data]",
        "size"  : "[download size in bytes]",
        "url?"  : "[download url, if download is a link]",
        "tags"  : "[array of tags associated with the download]"

Download Public Download file

POST /api/download/:downloadId
Download file associated with downloadID if it is a file, otherwise returns the URL

        "url"  : "[download url, if download is a link]",